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University of South Carolina
Semester and Institutional GPA Calculator

Use our calculators to project your Semester or Institutional GPA. Remember that official grades (not these calculators) are the most accurate resource for grade information.

Grade Point Average Rules

Your grade point average is computed on the basis of all semester hours attempted for credit on a USC campus, except for credit hours carried under the Pass-Fail or audit options. Courses in which a grade of I, S, U, AUD, T or W was earned are NOT considered in computing the GPA.

This calculator is not intended to calculate transfer GPAs.

The semester grade point average is determined by dividing the total number of semester grade points earned by the total number of semester hours attempted for credit. Semester hours attempted on a Pass-Fail or audit basis do not affect your GPA.

NOTE: These calculations are NOT and should not be considered your official final grades or final GPA. Official grades and GPA reports are reported in Self Service Carolina.

Calculate Your Projected Semester GPA

  1. Enter the number of credit hours for each class in which you are currently enrolled.
  2. Optional: You can pre-load your current schedule and institutional GPA
  3. Enter the letter grade you already received or expect to receive in each class. For more information please refer to the Grade Point Scale.
  4. Only fields colored in green will be included in the GPA calculation
Number of Credit Hours Expected Letter Grade Course Grade Points
Total Credit Hours Semester GPA Total Grade Points

Calculate Projected Institutional GPA

  1. Access your Self Service Carolina academic transcript, enter your institutional GPA Hours and institutional Quality Points for your last graded term.
Institutional GPA Hours (GH) Institutional Quality Points (GP)

Projected Institutional GPA

Projected Institutional GPA Hours Projected Institutional GPA Projected Institutional Quality Points