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How To Calculate Refunds

Student refunds for tuition are calculated based on the student's liable hours after the drop/withdrawal. Liable hours are calculated as the total hours a student is still registered plus the liable portion of the dropped/withdrawn course(s). The liable portion is computed by taking the number of dropped hours times the liability rate (which is 100 percent minus the refund percentage). The refund amount is determined to be the difference of the original assessment and the assessment based on the new liable hours. For students whose liable hours are 12 and above, no refunds are processed. Other academic fees are non-refundable after the 100 percent refund percentage. For students activated for full-time military service during an academic term, the University follows state law in Section 59-101-395. If a student has an overdue balance, the refund will be applied to the balance due.

How to View W, WF, and Refund Deadlines

To find the Part of Term associated with your specific section, log in to, go to your Student Profile → Registration History. Under View Registration Information, select term. The Part of Term associated with your sections is listed in the far right column.

For questions regarding the content above, contact your campus Registrar/Records Office.